The following are the steps in a typical leasing situation:

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Getting Started

  • Discuss property with owner(s), asking specific questions regarding home
  • View home and make notes on property features
  • Prepare Market Analysis to determine fair market rental value
  • Get consensus from owner regarding price and terms
  • Prepare Exclusive Rental Management Agreement or Finder’s Fee Agreement for owners(s) to review, approve, & sign
  • Send copies of signed agreement to owner(s)
  • Collect all necessary keys for property 
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  • Place sign in yard
  • Add property to Rental List 
  • Have a Rental List in the office available for all walk-ins
  • Circulate Rental List to other agents in office
  • E-mail Rental List to local Human Resource Managers in charge of hiring new employees
  • Take photos of home for advertising
  • Add property to Web Site
  • Add property to The Citrus County Chronicle’s Rental Finder
  • Add property to Florida’s Nature Coast Real Estate Magazine (circulated in Citrus and several surrounding counties)
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Home Preparation

  • Make list of cleaning/repairs to be performed if needed before showing
  • Schedule cleaning/repairs if needed
  • Verify that all utilities and water are on and in owner's name
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Finding & Screening Tenants

  • Contact all tenant leads and notify of new property available
  • Screen all calls for potential tenants for the property
  • Schedule appointment with potential tenants to show the property
  • If interested, have potential tenant fill out application (which they pay for)
  • Use Resident Data to screen applicant(s) (national criminal search, credit report with FICO score, national eviction search, sex offender search)
  • Verify additional application information: verify employment and monthly income, previous rental history
  • Run potential tenant(s) name(s) through Citrus County Clerk's records
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Final Steps

  • Discuss application & results of checks with owner(s)
  • Notify potential tenant of decision
  • If rejected due to credit, notify applicant with adverse action notice, per Florida Law
  • If accepted, get the information needed to the attorney to draw up the lease. 
  • Schedule to have the lease signed by all parties of and collect funds needed to move in
  • Make sure home is clean and ready for new tenants
  • Take video of the home before move in to keep to view and compare to when tenants move out
  • Verify the lease is fully executed and all parties have received a copy
  • Verify collection of all monies owed
  • Provide tenant with set of keys to property